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Polling Data

Poll after poll has consistently shown strong, growing support for engagement with Cuba. Take a look at some of the most prominent reports recently released on how Americans and Cubans feel about reestablishing ties:

Atlantic Council Poll On Support For Cuba Changes From Voters In Heartland States
A November 2015 poll by the Atlantic Council's Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center found that a strong bipartisan majority of voters in Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee back not just normalization with Cuba but doing away travel restrictions altogether. Click here for a rundown of the poll. 

Pew Research Center Poll On Cuba
A July 2015 poll finds rapidly rising bipartisan support for diplomatic relations with Cuba and ending the trade embargo. According to Pew, 73% of Americans--including 56% of Republicans--approve of renewed ties.  

Noticias Univisión Poll of the Latino Vote
The first public opinion poll of the 2016 presidential campaign finds most Cuban-American and Latino voters who care about Cuba policy support engagement.  

Chicago Council on Global Affairs Poll

A July 2015 poll finds strong bipartisan support for ending the trade embargo with Cuba. 

Bendixen & Amanda International Poll of Cuban-Americans
An April 2015 poll shows support for normalizing relations with Cuba has grown to a majority among Cuban-Americans.  

Bendixen & Amandi International Poll Of Cubans
An April 2015 poll finds near unanimous support by Cubans living on the Island for the Dec. 17th policy shift, as well as equally high support for ending the embargo. 

MSNBC/Marist/Telemundo Poll
An April 2015 poll finds nearly six in 10 Americans support better U.S. relations with Cuba.

Beyond the Beltway Poll of Cuba Policy
A March 2015 poll finds a bipartisan majority supports ending the embargo, with most voters believing trade and diplomacy will yield better results on human rights.

Washington Post-ABC News Poll
A December 2014 poll finds strong bipartisan support for an end to trade and travel bans with Cuba. 

2014 FIU Cuba Poll
A June 2014 poll finds a majority of Cuban-Americans in Miami support normalizing relations with Cuba and believe the embargo hasn't worked.

Atlantic Council Poll: Americans Want New Relations With Cuba

A February 2014 poll finds bipartisan majorities support normalization with Cuba, with Florida leading the nation in support.