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In Full-Page Miami Herald Ad, #CubaNow Thanks the President for Major Policy Shift on Cuba

Ric Herrero

#CubaNow Press Release

Dec 28, 2014

MIAMI – #CubaNow today published a full-page ad in the Miami Herald thanking President Obama for making a major policy shift on Cuba, and highlighting that the greater flow of contacts, resources and information stemming from the changes will lead to greater empowerment of the Cuban people.

“The President's changes to our Cuba policy were significant and important," said Ric Herrero, Executive Director of #CubaNow. "Cuban-Americans helped shape those policy changes, so we thank him both for listening to our community and, more importantly, for making it easier for American civil society to help the Cuban people take control of their own future."

Every national poll conducted after the President’s announcement showed that a majority of Americans support the President’s bold new course on Cuba policy.

The ad runs today in the Miami Herald in the A section in full color.

The full-page ad focuses on the positive impact the major policy shift is expected to have for the Cuban people. Below an image of hands in the air coming together in celebration holding flags from both nations, the ad includes a message of gratitude to the President for taking action. It notes that, "expanding human contact, supporting entrepreneurs, and increasing telecommunications access will do more to strengthen Cuban civil society, promote human rights, and build bridges between our nations than five decades of isolation."

Click here to see full size of #CubaNow Full-Page ad in Miami Herald

#CubaNow Full-Page Ad in Miami Herald