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#CubaNow Statement On Tonight’s Historic Primary Results In Florida

Ric Herrero

#CubaNow Press Release

Mar 15, 2016

WASHINGTON DC - #CubaNow Executive Director Ric Herrero issued the following statement following the results of tonight’s presidential primary elections in Florida:

“For the first time since the Cuban embargo was imposed over half a century ago, candidates who favor engagement with Cuba have won the Republican and Democratic presidential primaries in Florida. Tonight’s historic results are the most concrete proof to date that support for our counterproductive embargo policy has all but lost its political benefit, and may now bear a political cost.

“There could not have been a better moment for Cuba policy hardliners to reassert their strength than this election, with two Cuban-American senators -one of them a Florida incumbent- campaigning in vigorous opposition to a president who not only normalized diplomatic relations with Cuba, but continues to open trade and travel toward the Island and will soon be the first sitting U.S. president to visit Havana in nearly 90 years. Yet tonight, pro-normalization candidates from both parties have won decisive victories in a state where emphatic support for the embargo was once considered essential for electoral success.

“Miami’s hardline members of Congress have long declared elections to be 'the only poll that matters' when it comes to gauging support for Cuba sanctions. Today, South Florida’s Republican and Democratic primary voters sent them a resounding message in favor of openness. Let us state what is now obvious: the days when being pro-embargo helped federal candidates win in our nation’s largest swing state are over. We call on lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to embrace this opportunity to place partisanship aside and double-down on forging a 21st century policy toward Cuba that advances the best interests of the United States and empowers the Cuban people.”