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#CubaNow Statement on Regulatory Changes on Imports from Independent Cuban Entrepreneurs and Bipartisan Senate Bill to Lift Trade Restrictions on Cuba

Ric Herrero

#CubaNow Press Release

Feb 13, 2015

MIAMI - #CubaNow Executive Director Ric Herrero issued the following statement on the news that the U.S. State Department today lifted most regulatory restrictions on imports from independent Cuban entrepreneurs:

"We praise the Administration for its consistent efforts to briskly expand the flow of contacts and resources from the United States to the Cuban people through regulatory action. Opening the U.S. market to goods and services produced by independent Cuban entrepreneurs opens a whole new horizon for everyone in the Island seeking to increase their autonomy by starting small businesses.

"The President's steps go a long way to helping empower the Cuban people but are still hindered by our antiquated embargo laws. That is why we also applaud the efforts of a bipartisan group of U.S. Senators to modernize our policy by removing restrictions on trade that will facilitate our ability to help the Cuban people prosper.

"At the same time we call on Cuba to expand and accelerate the pace of reforms to better serve the interests of the Cuban people. Cuban leaders have long claimed to aspire to build a prosperous and sustainable society. Now is their time to prove they mean it."