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#CubaNow Statement on Announcement That Embassies Will Reopen in Havana and Washington

Ric Herrero

#CubaNow Press Release

Jul 1, 2015

MIAMI - #CubaNow Executive Director Ric Herrero issued the following statement on today’s announcement that the United States and Cuba have reached an agreement to reopen embassies in Havana and Washington DC after more than a half-century of severed relations: 

"Today's announcement that embassies will reopen in Havana and Washington after 54 years is a momentous step as we transition from a policy of isolation and confrontation to one focused on helping the Cuban people and advancing the interests of the United States. There is no better way to influence the future of Cuba than to play an active and constructive role in its present. Moving forward, whether it is human rights, migration, trade, law enforcement collaboration, or the settlement of longstanding disputes, we will have the presence to show up, promote our values and help the Cuban people build a better future for themselves. Having an American embassy in Cuba will deny hardliners in the Castro government their preferred excuse to distract from their failures, and Latin America leaders their excuse to stay on the sidelines over the rights of the Cuban people. 

"Congressional opponents of normalization should recognize that the freedom of movement and protection of our diplomatic corps is best ensured by having an ambassador and well-funded embassy on the Island, not by fingerwagging from Washington. We urge President Obama to quickly nominate an ambassador to Cuba, whom the Senate should confirm posthaste."