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#CubaNow Statement on Administration Veto Threats Over Cuba Policy

David Gomez

#CubaNow Press Release

Jun 2, 2015

WASHINGTON - #CubaNow Political Director David Gomez issued the following statement in support of the Obama Administration’s veto threats and congressional efforts to eliminate attempts to limit or roll back the new Cuba policy:

“#CubaNow supports the recent veto threats issued by the Obama Administration in regards to the House’s current Transportation and Commerce appropriations bills. As the Administration noted, these bills include policy riders that place unacceptable and regressive restrictions related to Cuba, including Americans’ right to travel to the Island and the ability to do business with and support Cuba’s growing private sector. #CubaNow also supports the floor amendment by Rep. Sam Farr to strike the restrictions from the Commerce appropriations bill and other similar efforts in Congress to keep spending bills free of bad policy that will do nothing to help the Cuban people.” 

“Congress should work on advancing U.S.-Cuba policy in a constructive manner that recognizes there’s no going back to the failed ideas of yesterday. Only a small minority in Congress continues to try to drag their feet. But the Cold War is over, and it’s time that Congress heeds the will of an American public that by and large supports moving forward with greater engagement. Our new direction will do more to help Cuban civil society than riders that try to breathe life into an unsuccessful half-century-old policy.”