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In Cuba, entrepreneurial spirits sparkle

Alan Gomez

USA Today

Aug 26, 2014


"[W]hen looking to the future of the island – a post-Castro period that is often contemplated by American government officials, business owners eager to explore that market and Cuban-Americans curious about their role in the island's future – one question intrigues me most: What kind of human capital is left in Cuba?"


"As Cubans spend their lives figuring out how to secretly install an illegal Internet connection in their ramshackle homes, people in other Latin American countries have become more tech savvy, understand international markets better and have a firmer grasp on best business practices.

"But there's something missing in that cold analysis. It's the same, hard-to-describe quality that helped my parents, and thousands of others, immigrate to the U.S. from Cuba with nothing and quickly rise to the middle class and beyond. I got a great reminder of that recently after meeting with five Cuban entrepreneurs."