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Alan Gross' Wife Visits, Fears He Will 'Do Something Drastic'

Elizabeth Chuck

NBC News

Jun 25, 2014


"A day after visiting her ailing husband in prison, the wife of an American subcontractor imprisoned in Cuba begged the U.S. government on Wednesday to bring Alan Gross home, saying he is 'absolutely the worst' that she's seen him during his four years behind bars.

'He is absolutely the worst. He's normally a gregarious, funny guy, but I couldn't even get a joke out of him yesterday,' Judy Gross told MSNBC's Kristen Welker Wednesday in her first interview since seeing her husband on Tuesday. 'I'm very worried about his emotional health. He has said he is going to do something drastic. Seeing him yesterday makes me believe that.' 

Judy Gross' visit to the small Cuban prison cell where Alan Gross spends 23 hours a day came a week after his mother died of lung cancer."